7 Brilliant Closet Organization Tips

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid when Accessorizing Your Outfit

    Accessorizing is to fashion as a holiday is to rest of the year: not really necessary but enjoyable for its ability to bring a welcome change. Accessories amp up the look of your outfit from just the basics much like holiday traditions take an ordinary day and make it better. Accessorizing properly does take a certain level of skill though as making mistakes with fashion accoutrements is all too easy and often repeated. As the trusted source of accessory organizers, including scarf hangers and jewelry rolls, Specialty Styles’ staff members compiled a list of the most common accessorizing mistakes made by them and others. Try to avoid committing the following fashion sins:

    • Getting too matchy-matchy. Going head to toe in one pattern or color makes you a stand-out in the worse way. Mix up patterns and prints with solid colors to break up the monotony.
    • Over-doing it. Those big clunky earrings are adorable - on their own. Pair them with a statement necklace and you’ve gone too far into costume jewelry hell. Let oversized pieces stand alone by wearing them alone.
    • Wearing the wrong shoes. The wrong shoes can not only be uncomfortable which has an effect on our posture (slumping is always unattractive) but can clash with your other accessories if you’re not paying attention. Make sure to coordinate your shoes with your jewelry and other accessories for a total look.
    • Carrying a worn out bag. Your purse or handbag can speak volumes about you. Make sure that it’s not saying that you’ve left the house in a hurry or are too cheap to buy a proper bag.


  • How to Effectively Organize Your Closet

    With the size of the modern master suite closet getting bigger and bigger, it seems that we would have more than enough room to keep everything prettily organized. For many of us, however, that extra space often turns into dumping grounds for our increasing number of possessions. Searching through heaps of clothing and piles of shoes can turn your morning routine into a hair-pulling act of futility. On the other hand, keeping a well-organized closet can be both a time-saver and a frustration-killer. But where do you start? After, getting rid of anything that you haven’t worn in a year, use these creative organizing tips to clean up your precious closet space:

    • Save the pants hangers with clips when you shop and use them to hang your boots, keeping them straight and tidy.
    • Keep your heels off the floor by installing crown molding at a height you can easily reach and use the upper edge to hang your high heels.
    • Use our scarf hangersto keep your scarves in easy view and to ensure that they stay wrinkle-free and fresh for wearing.
    • Chains, S-hooks and even soda can tabs are great ways to hang hangers on hangers, saving tons of room.
    • Hang pretty curtain rods on the inside of the closet door to organize small items like ties, belts, hats and gloves.
    • Ouraccessories organizercan also be used for cami’s and tanks, organizing them in one place so that you don’t take up valuable hanger or drawer space.
    • Keep your closet floor obstacle-free by hanging bulky items like totes and baggage on wall hooks on the inside wall above the closet door.

    If you have any creative ideas for effective closet organization,we would love to hear from you.  Or tell us how our accessory organizers help you keep you together and stress-free.


  • It’s Scarf Season Once Again

    Now that we are in the midst of fall and well on our way to the colder winter months, it's about time that you've pulled out that box of sweaters and scarves. But while the fall can have its brisker, more chillier moments, it may not be quite the time to pull out the whole winter wardrobe of gloves and jackets. Accessorize with what many would consider to be the quintessential accessory of fall: the scarf. Scarves are great, not only for giving that extra warmth on cool and windy days, but they just add just a touch of style that can go a long way. Here are some tips for storing and using scarves to keep them pleasingly attractive all season long:


    1. Wrinkles aren't cute. A lot of the time scarves are too delicate to be ironed and storing them in a drawer all bunched up together will wrinkle them. Do not store your scarves in a drawer. Instead use a scarf hanger to not only make them easily accessible, but wrinkle-free as well. Our accessory organizers help to keep your scarves looking fresh and ready to wear.


    2. Keep it fresh. Scarves look great wrapped around your neck but using them only in this way stifles your fashion creativity. Have fun with your scarves and use them around your waist, as hair accessories or even as a cover up at the beach. Today’s scarf lengths and sizes offer lots of variety


    3. Learn all of the different ways that you can wear or style your scarf. A lot of scarves are made to be tied and knotted in different ways giving you the chance to wear it differently doe completely different looks. Search Youtube or google for tutorials on all the ways you can wear your scarves.



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