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    Packing to travel, whether for business or pleasure, can be one of the most frustrating parts of the travel experience. Fraught with questions regarding what to take, what will be needed and what will be wanted, packing your bags for any trip can take the fun right out of your plan. Packing jewelry to take along with you raises its own set of challenges in regards to what to pack and how.
    Keeping your jewelry tidy, tangle-free and organized is easy with a travel jewelry roll. Skip the DIY homemade “organizers” of zip loc bags and plastic straws and invest in a proper organizer for your accessories. A jewelry roll allows you to keep all of your jewelry in one safe and convenient place that fits easily in your travel bags.
    Traveling with jewelry requires a higher level of attention than you would give to just packing your shoes. Being realistic about which jewelry to pack is important as traveling with expensive or rare pieces is not recommended. Jewelry is vulnerable to being lost or stolen in travel situations. You should only take those pieces that are not expensive or have any sentimental value attached. That ring that belonged to your grandmother should stay at home as should that diamond pendant your husband bought for you after the birth of your daughter. Basically, the rule of thumb is that if you would cry over it being lost or stolen, do not take it along.

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